Precision. Since our founding in 1976, the M&R Plating Corporation has continued to satisfy Southern California customers by meeting the exacting specifications for government/Mil-Spec and commercially plated products. Our customers large and small rely on M&R quality that saves time (and money) at the receiving inspection level.

Responsiveness. Turnaround time is critical to everyone. That’s why we’ve continued to streamline the efficiency of our plating processes without sacrifice to the M&R quality. From our pick-up at the carrier/location until we deliver or ship your plated and ready components, our schedule is tailored to work hand-in-hand with your needs.

Equipment. Each tool and routine used in our plating process is carefully monitored and maintained. We’ve invested in our own success by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment. Preventive maintenance with continuous calibration ensures delivery as promised as well as consistency of each piece, regardless of batch, thanks to our in-house laboratory testing.

Safety. Respect – for the well-being of the employee and environment, is the watchword at M&R Plating Corporation. Visitors and new employees find a remarkably clean workplace, unusual for our industry. Our cleanliness reflects and promotes pride in our craft along with our commitment to safety. This healthy respect for employees extends to the environment, as well. We employ a revolutionary wastewater treatment/recycling process to comply with OSHA and EPA regulations.

Affordability. The result of our efforts – customer satisfaction – has enabled us to grow and reinvest in our craft. Our automation and on-site laboratory provide economy in our operations. Our top quality plating is competitively priced for both government/Mil-Spec and commercial concerns.

Let your products reflect our pride!

M&R Plating Corporation